Here is one of the many IELTS speaking tests that I prepare for my students to ensure that they are fully prepared for the IELTS speaking exam in 2022. This is a great speaking test to practice because it has a range of different tenses and a variety of questions that get progressively more difficult. If you are interested in practicing this test or any of the other 50 IELTS topics from September-December 2022, please feel free to book a class with me or comment below about any other topics that you’d like me to make a full speaking test for. 

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Topic: Work  (3 of these questions)

Do you work or study?

What was your dream job when you were young?

Have you changed your mind about your dream job?

Topic:  Snacks (3 of these questions) 

What kind of snacks do you like to eat?

Do you prefer healthy or unhealthy snacks? 

What was the last snack that you had?

Topic: Names

Do you like your name?

Do people in your country ever change their name?

What name would you recommend for a new baby?

Part 2:

Describe a time when you forgot about an appointment

You should say: 

When it was

Why you forgot about it
How you felt about it

And explain what happened after you forgot the appointment


Part 3: Forgetting

Which things do people quite often forget? 

Do you think young people forget things more than young people?

Why do you think some people have a better memory than others?

        Do you think it is important for exams to focus on the ability to remember a lot of information?                  

How do you think people can improve their ability to recall important facts? 

                                          Which other skills should be tested in an exam? 

Do you think modern technology is affecting people’s ability to remember new information?

In the future, do you think people will improve their ability to recall important information?

Once you have finished this speaking test, why not have a look through some of the other speaking tests on my website. IELTS repeats topics/questions frequently, so even the tests from two or three years ago are still worth looking through. 

Full IELTS Speaking Tests 2021

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