The best news is that IELTS Writing Task 2 hasn’t really changed in 2024, so the tried and tested methods will work for you. Having said that, I’ll give you a 5 things to watch out for and some potential topics that are likely to be used by the examiners this year. 

1) Understand the different types of tasks and how to maximise your task response score

This always has been and probably always will be the most important part of reaching your dream IELTS score. In fact, during my classes I’d estimate that 90% of students have pretty serious issues in this section during their first class. This is equally true for students who’ve taken multiple IELTS exams or those who have never even heard about IELTS before. 

Luckily for you, I’ve created an IELTS Writing Video Course in that focuses on exactly that.

It has been really successful in improving the scores of those students who’ve done it so far particularly for task response/coherence and cohesion. 

2) Practice Writing in Exam Conditions

Of course, you can’t replicate the exact experience of being in the exam, but you should aim to make your practice as realistic as possible. These three things will help you a lot.

1) Completing the task in 40 minutes (include analysing the task and checking for mistakes in this). You can add task 1 before or after and make sure you can complete both in one hour

2) Once you are comfortable doing this, you should aim to complete a reading test, a listening test and a writing test straight afterwards to really get into exam mode. 

3) Turn off spelling and grammar checkers. I normally advise writing in Wordpad because it is automatically turned off. 

3) Use Authentic Questions for IELTS Writing Task 2 in 2024

The worst thing that you can do when preparing for IELTS Writing is using bad questions that have been written by students who have just left the exam. They are poorly written and will actually get you into terrible habits. At best, these questions contain vocabulary or grammar errors and at worst they are just impossible to answer. 

The best place to receive your IELTS Writing Questions from is the Cambridge books such as IELTS 17 or 18. 

If you need more questions, I’ve got a great document with IELTS questions divided into key topics that are used year after year. 


4) New topics for IELTS Writing Task 2 in 2024

If you want to know what will be asked in IELTS Writing Task 2 in 2024, you should try and read the news as much as possible, especially things that are being spoken about in the British media. 

The most obvious topic to be included this year would be anything related to Artificial Intelligence because it was the biggest topic of 2023 in the news. The good news is most of these questions will be probably be similar to questions in the past about technology. 

Apart from Artificial Intelligence, I expect the topic of the environment to continue growing this year. You should really aim to develop your ideas and think about how the environment affects or will affect other areas of our life such as shopping, clothing, travel etc. 

5) Be Careful About the Resources That You Use

In 2024, it is so easy to create content and even though IELTS is a relatively niche area, there are thousands of channels providing advice about every part of the exam. I normally give my students the same advice which is to limit the number of websites or teachers that you use. If you are preparing for writing with 1 teacher, then the best thing you can do is to listen to their advice rather than watching Youtubers telling you phrases that you have to use to reach certain band scores. Try to get specific feedback about your own writing and focus on weaknesses that have been suggested by your teacher. 

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Edna Sagomis
Edna Sagomis
5 months ago

Great. I’m really wanted to pass IELTS as soon as possible this 2024. Thank you for supporting me in my needs. If possible, you could send me some IELTS 2024 prediction topics in all 4 category Listening, Reading Writing and Speaking. My weakest point is Reading and Listening. Writing and speaking are also hardest for me..

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