Many people presume that because I live in Colombia, I mainly teach Colombian students. I decided to make this map to demonstrate the variety of countries that my students come from and also to create an IELTS assignment which you’ll find at the end. 

In general, I really feel privileged to have taught such a variety of students and have had the opportunity to learn so much about their countries. To give an example of this, before teaching online, I had almost no knowledge of Kazakhstan. After teaching several students from country (one student has taken over 200 classes with me) I believe that I have a connection that would have been impossible without having this job.

Another key point is the variety of students is helping me to understand the English language in a deeper way. Once I see the frequent mistakes from certain regions of the world, it makes it easier to teach the next person from that region. In the beginning, I found it difficult to understand why certain students had problems with articles, nowadays I feel it’s easier to explain these concepts and help the student to reach the next level.

It’s really clear from this map that English is becoming a global language. It’s touching all parts of the world and becoming more crucial for career development. This website is only a tiny tiny part of helping people to improve their English, however I’d like to grow it as much as possible and share success stories to inspire other people. IELTS and learning English can seem impossible, but other people have managed it and so can you. 

Finally, I’d really like to teach people from some of the countries that are missing from my map. It’s noticeable how I’ve had a lack of African students. I guess that’s something I should work on fixing and maybe take a trip to volunteer there. For now, my free materials are available and as you can see from the map, I’m happy to teach you wherever you come from. 

Speak to you soon


Exercise 1

For students doing academic IELTS,

I’d highly recommend trying to write a summary of this map as a task 1 assignment. I’ll write an IELTS style summary at the end of this week. As always try to write at least 150 words with an intro, overall summary and 2 body paragraphs. 

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