IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions March-December 2020

Here is a list of the most recent IELTS writing task 2 questions which have been reported by students. I have divided the questions into different sections for opinion, discussion, two-part, advantages and disadvantages, and positive/negative. Please have a look at my model answers to see a recommended structure to answer each type of writing […]

IELTS Vocabulary List-Colourful Event

One of the most difficult part 2 questions for IELTS for Sept-Dec 2019 is to describe a colourful event. The most common problem that my students have struggled from is a lack of synonyms or collocations to talk about colour or the colourful event. This list will help you to expand your IELTS colour vocabulary, […]

Full IELTS Speaking Test April 2019

This speaking exam from April 2019 asks about a place you’d like to visit in the future. On my Facebook page, I’ve included 5 locations that I’d like to visit in the future. Which countries are on your top 5?   Part 1 Topic: Work (3 of these questions) Do you work or study? What type […]

Full IELTS Speaking Exam March 2019

Here is a recent speaking test as reported by one of my students. I’ve included a photo from the bookshop that inspired Harry Potter which I visited last year in Porto. The bookshop was totally packed with travellers and they even charged an entrance fee. Could other bookshops learn from this one? What else could […]

Vocabulary Builder 4-Cities

City Nouns, Adjectives and Synonyms City Collocations (Very Useful) condominium/apartment complex an apartment building or group of houses in which each flat/apartment/house is owned by the person living in it but the shared areas are owned by everyone together Urbanisation the process in which towns, streets, factories, etc. are built where there was once countryside […]

IELTS Crime and Punishment Vocabulary

Verbs to Use with Crime Band 7+ Verbs Simple Way Commit crime/Carry out crime Do a crime Deter crime/Prevent crime Stop crime Control crime/Cut crime Reduce crime Combat crime/Tackle crime Fight crime Be driven to/Turn to crime Start crime for a reasonExample sentence: He was driven to crime because of his poor financial situation. Small/Big […]