IELTS Food Vocabulary and Collocations-Part 2

I have made another IELTS vocabulary list to help you talk about food. It looks like food is going to one of the main topics for 2020 and it can be surprising for many intermediate and advanced students how difficult it can be to have enough vocabulary and collocations for food related IELTS topics. Don’t forget […]

IELTS Full Speaking Test March 2020

Here is an IELTS speaking test from March 2020 that was reported by one of my students. There are topics related to cakes, pens/pencils and the future of work.

IELTS Vocab Builder 6-Economy Part 1

There are a huge number of questions related to the economy in IELTS, so it makes sense to focus your attention on improving your knowledge of economic terms. There are so many that this list on focuses on vocabulary from A-L. Don’t worry there’ll be another vocabulary list with M-Z next week and some activities […]

Sugar Restriction Vocabulary List

Please read the following article to see the vocabulary used in context, this is an excellent way of reinforcing the vocabulary and making it more likely that you will remember it in the future. Sugar Tax Article BBC   Verbs to use with restrictions impose/introduce/place Lift/remove accept/be subject to   Make restrictions Take away restrictions […]

IELTS Environment (Air Pollution) Vocabulary

Air quality The cleanliness of the air that we breathe Smog a form of air pollution that is or looks like a mixture of smoke and fog, especially in cities Exhaust fumes smoke, gas, or something similar that smells strongly or is dangerous to breathe in Emit Carbon dioxide Release CO2 Greenhouse gases any of […]