IELTS Full Speaking Test November 2019

IELTS Boring Speaking Test

Here is another speaking exam for you to practice and this month it is about a time when you were with other people and felt bored. Initially, this doesn’t seem like a very easy question, but I’d advise for you to talk about something that is very familiar to you. The most obvious option might […]

Full IELTS Speaking Exam October 2019

Hello again, I’ve added another IELTS speaking exam which was recently reported by one of my students in October 2019. There are some challenging questions here and you should definitely make sure that you try this exam with an IELTS teacher before your real exam. Perhaps, the most difficult questions are related to jeans, to make […]

IELTS Speaking: How to talk about your childhood

IELTS Childhood

During the IELTS speaking exam, it is likely that you will be asked about your childhood either directly or indirectly. Depending on your age, this might not be as easy or fresh in the memory as you would like. Therefore this lesson will help you to with idea generation and the grammar required.   Grammar […]