Full IELTS Speaking Test April 2019

This speaking exam from April 2019 asks about a place you’d like to visit in the future. On my Facebook page, I’ve included 5 locations that I’d like to visit in the future. Which countries are on your top 5?   Part 1 Topic: Work (3 of these questions) Do you work or study? What type […]

Full IELTS Speaking Tests 2021


This page has a collection of mock IELTS speaking tests that you can practice with your teacher. I’ll add new IELTS speaking tests every month based on the topics that my students are reporting to me. I’d advise doing these speaking exams with a teacher who can give specific advice, however you should aim for:Part […]

IELTS Full Speaking Exam April 2019

If you haven’t already done so, click here for information about how to improve your public speaking. It will help for ideas in part 2 and 3 Here is a recent speaking exam reported by one of my students. If you would like to practice this exam with an IELTS teacher, please feel feel to […]

Full IELTS Speaking Exam March 2019

Here is a recent speaking test as reported by one of my students. I’ve included a photo from the bookshop that inspired Harry Potter which I visited last year in Porto. The bookshop was totally packed with travellers and they even charged an entrance fee. Could other bookshops learn from this one? What else could […]