IELTS speaking topics have finally been updated for part 2 and many of these topics will be in use until December 2020.  This list should help you to prepare, but try not to focus on memorising answers. A better strategy would be:

1) Think about an idea for each of the prompts (this could be the same person or event for more than one)
2) Practice speaking for 2 minutes about the topics and notice any missing vocabulary or grammatical errors.
3) Learn vocabulary that you need to answer the question and practice again.

Please comment below with any questions ūüôā 


A friend who is a good leader 

A person who apologised to you 

A person who you have lived with before

A neighbour

A person often in the news  

A family member you spend time with  

A person who taught you something  

IELTS People Vocabulary List

Travel and Hometown

A place where you like to relax
A place full of colour

A road trip

A souvenir

A foreign country or culture

An educational trip 

A crowded place you went to  

A recent change to your local area 

An exciting time  

A trip by public transport  

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary-Travel


A mistake you made

An occasion when you wanted to impress

An appointment you missed

A challenging thing you did  

An important message you received 

A time when someone apologised to you  

A time you were not allowed to use a mobile phone  

A time you helped someone  

A goal you achieved 

A skill you learned 


A polluted place

A time the weather affected your plans

IELTS Environment (Air Pollution) Vocabulary


A dinner you enjoyed

A dinner with friends

IELTS Food Vocabulary and Collocation List


Something that was hard to use at first


A person with an important job 

 A job you would not like to do 


An app that you think is useful
A big company you are interested in

A successful small business 

An advertisement

IELTS Economy/Business Vocabulary List 2020 Part 2

Health and Sport

A sport you would like to try  
An article to help people improve their health 
A water sport you want to try


A time when you wore your best clothes

A uniform you have worn


A band or singer

A performance you enjoyed watching 


 A house or apartment you would like to live in  


An art exhibition you recently saw


An interesting animal

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2 years ago

HI, I’d like to know if we can rely on these questions to be asked or not really

2 years ago

Thanks a million, Matt