TS=Topic Sentence (Main Idea of Paragraph)     BP=Body Paragraph

This is a simple sentence by sentence plan to write your essays and should only be used as a starting point/reference. For more detailed information please check out my model answers and detailed guides to IELTS writing on ieltsmatt.com


Opinion Essay

To what extent do you agree?  Do you agree or disagree?

Discussion Essay

Discuss both views and give your opinion


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages (and give your opinion)

Two Part Questions (Direct Question)

Why do you think that is? What problems does this cause?


1) Paraphrase Question

2) Thesis Statement

Agree or Disagree for two reasons

3) Briefly state reasons

1) Paraphrase Question

2) Outline Statement (outline briefly that you will discuss both views and give your opinion)

1) Paraphrase Question

2) Outline Statement

(outline that you will discuss advantages and disadvantages)

1) Paraphrase Question

2) Outline Statement (outline that you will answer both questions)

Body Paragraph 1

Agree OR Disagree Reason 1

1) Topic sentence 1

2) Explain Idea 1

3) Example 1

4) Link back to the question (Optional)

Discuss one view

1) TS for one view

2) Explain 1

3) Example OR 2nd reason with explanation.


1) TS Advantage 1

2) Explain Advantage 1

3) Example 1 OR

Advan 2 with explanation.

Answer Question 1 (Why)

1) Topic Sentence 1 (main reason)

2) Explain 1

3) Example 1 OR second reason with explanation

Body Paragraph 2

Agree Reason 2 OR

Disagree Reason 2

1) Topic Sentence 2

2)  Explain Idea 2

3)  Example 2

Discuss the other view

1) Topic sentence for the other side

2) Explain TS

3) Give example


1) TS Disadvantage 1

2) Explain Disadvan 2

3) Give Example

Answer Question 2 (What problems)

1) Topic Sentence 2 (main problem)

2) Explain 2

3) Example 3


1) Give your opinion again in different words

2) Summarize reasons

1) Restate the merits of the side you disagree with (while…..)

2) Outline merits of side you agree with

3) Give a clear opinion

1) Summarize main advantages

2) Summarize disadvantages

3) Give an opinion (if asked to in the question)

1) Summarize main point of BP1 (answer question 1)

2) Summarize main point of BP2 (answer question 2)

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