Here is an example showing how to write an IELTS problem/solution essay. There are two logical structures for the body paragraphs. 
Option 1) Body Paragraph 1=Problem 1 and Problem 2    Body Paragraph 2=Solution 1 and Solution 2
Option 2) Body Paragraph 1=Problem 1 and Solution 1    Body Paragraph 2=Problem 2 and Solution 2

Personally, I prefer the second option because it allows the problems and solutions to be linked together more effectively.

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In many countries the number of visitors to art galleries has been steadily declining. What are the reasons for this? What could be done to improve the situation? 

Art galleries are visited a lot less frequently than they used to be in several countries. This essay will highlight possible causes for this and will suggest some measures to halt and possibly reverse the decline.

The most obvious reason why people have stopped visiting galleries is that they seem boring in comparison to new technology. Previously, many people searched for cultural events to occupy their time, however, nowadays it can be easier and more enjoyable to spend time online. What is more, many famous artworks are available to see in high definition from the comfort of your own home. To solve this problem, galleries should create exhibits which use technology to demonstrate the artwork in a more exciting and social-media friendly manner. If curators implemented this strategy, visitors would probably share their visit on social-networks which would further promote the gallery. 

Another aspect that has reduced the popularity of art exhibitions is the escalating cost which has made museums unaffordable, especially for poorer families. When faced with the decision of cheap entertainment or visiting an art gallery, it is understandable that many families choose the more cost-effective option. To illustrate this point, Le Louvre, which is one of the most famous galleries in the world, charges 15 Euros per person, which would cost around 60 Euros for a family of four. Whereas, this same family could visit the Eiffel Tower for free. To resolve this situation, art galleries could subsidise entry for families or even provide free entry during quieter times. Admittedly, they may lose money on entrance fees, nevertheless, this may be offset by increased revenue in the gift shop or cafe.

To sum up, there are a variety of options for how we can spend our free time nowadays which are cheaper and more interesting than visiting art galleries. It seems possible that making them more affordable and embracing technology to enhance the experience would encourage more people to visit. 

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2 years ago

why do u use simple words like these: suggest,solve, understandable, choose

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