IELTS has a lot of unusual topics and water sports is one of the latest ones to appear in the speaking exam. I have prepared this IELTS water sports vocabulary list to help identify different types of water sports that you can talk about and some verbs and adjectives that you can use to make some natural collocations. 

The speaking test in the link below includes part 2 and 3 related to water sports, so you can practice the new vocabulary 

Full IELTS Speaking Test-July 2020

IELTS Water Sports Vocabulary List

IELTS Part 1 Water Sports Questions

These are the types of questions you could be asked about water sports in IELTS. Try using the vocabulary list to come up with higher level answers.

Do you like water sports?

Are water sports popular in your country?

What water sports would you like to try in the future? 

Did you like to spend time in water when you were a child?

Do you prefer to spend holidays by a lake or by the sea?

IELTS Water Sports Part 2
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3 years ago

So useful! Thank you so much for posting this amazing content!

Estefania Lawrence
Estefania Lawrence
3 years ago

Love it!

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