I’ve created another vocabulary list for the new IELTS questions related to jeans. Very specific topics like this can be challenging and it is difficult to come up with the vocabulary without some preparation. I’ve added recent IELTS questions related to jeans below the list. 

Synonyms of Jeans

There isn’t an easy way to paraphrase jeans. The only possible way is using brand names particularly Levi’s. Of course this only works if you wear jeans with a famous brand name.


skintight, stretch, tight

baggy, loose

bell-bottom, boot-cut, drainpipe, flare (North American English), flared

cut-off, low-rise, high waist


black, blue

faded, stonewashed

ripped, scruffy (informal, especially British English), torn, worn, worn-in, worn-out



Types of Denim

Raw, Selvedge, Japanese

… OF JEANS (remember jeans are always plural) 

A pair

She pulled on a pair of faded blue jeans.


pull on, pull up

pull off, strip off

zip up



Why Wear Jeans?

Durable, Versatile, Fashionable, Value for money, endless options, easy to style

A great staple for mixing and matching

A fabric that improves with wear. It softens, and the blues evolve

Classic foundation to any casual, fashionable outfit

Comfy and stylish

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Jeans Questions

1) Do you like wearing jeans? 
2) How often do you wear jeans? 
3) Why are jeans so popular?
4) Did you wear jeans at school?
5) Would you buy an expensive pair of jeans? 

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