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I’ve been really busy teaching classes in 2021 and haven’t had time to update my website, but it’s been a really successful year so far with lots of students achieving their IELTS dreams. I’m planning to include some success stories in the next few months while things are a little quieter over summer.

Anyway, here is a full IELTS speaking exam that I’ve been using with my students to prepare for some of the current topics. It’s almost summer here, so it’s a great time to think about having a BBQ. Comment below with your favourite thing to put on a BBQ. 

Part 1 

Topic: Country  (3 of these questions)

Which country are you from? 

Which part of the country do most people live in?

What is the best thing about your country?

Topic: BBQ (3 of these questions) 

Do people in your country like BBQ’s? 

                                          What kind of food do people normally eat at a BBQ? 

Do you prefer to eat outdoors or indoors? 

Topic: Special Costumes

Do you like to wear special costumes? 

Did you like to try on special costumes when you were a child? 

Would you like to buy a special costume in the future? 


Part 2:

Describe a time you saw something interesting on social media

You should say:

When it was

Where you saw it

What you saw

And explain why you thought it was interesting


Part 3: Social Media

What are the most popular social media sites in your country? 

Are there any local/foreign social media sites that are popular? Which social media sites do old/young people use? 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sharing your life online? 

Do you think it is important to be on social media? 


Do you agree that social media companies should be responsible for all of the content on their platforms? 

Who should be responsible for controlling social media companies?

Follow Up If governments use social media companies, can they really control them?

Do you think political advertising should be allowed on social media?

How do you think social media will change in the next 20 years? Do you think it is possible that it will disappear? 

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Very useful site thanks for your effort

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