IELTS Speaking-Sport

One of the most challenging topics for many IELTS students is sport. Even students who love sport often struggle to recall the specific vocabulary in English.

Part 1

What sports are most popular in your country?

Without doubt the most popular sport in England is football. We have 92 professional teams and one of the most famous leagues in the world. In general English people love sport and many people watch or play rugby, cricket and tennis. Furthermore, hosting the Olympics in 2012 caused an explosion in the popularity of fringe sports such as rowing, cycling and field hockey.

What sports and games did you most enjoy playing when you were a child?

When I was young I used to play sports and games every day at lunchtime and after school. My friends and I used to play outside come rain or shine. During that time, we played every sport that you could imagine and as a result I’m now a jack of all trades when it comes to sport.

Please answer these questions for you own country.

What sports are most popular in your country?

What sports and games did you most enjoy playing when you were a child?

Part 2

Describe an exciting competition or sporting event you have witnessed.
You should say:
what the competition or sporting event was
when and where it took place
who won
and explain why it was exciting.

In 2009, during my gap year in Australia, I went to the Australian Open tennis tournament. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. The Australian Open or Aussie Open as the locals call it, is the first grand slam of the year and is held every January in Melbourne Park. This happens to be the middle of summer in Australia and as a result the temperatures often reach 40C.

My idol is Roger Federer and he was playing second that day at the Rod Laver arena, so naturally I bought a ticket for there. I enjoyed the first match, but everything was building up to watching Federer. The stadium slowly filled up as the game approached and the excitement was palpable. Finally the moment arrived and the stadium erupted as Federer entered the court. He is arguably the greatest player of all time and is a hero to tennis fans all around the world. It was the second round of the tournament and he was playing a much weaker player, so he won the game in straight sets. Despite the one sided contest, everyone there was captivated by the accuracy of his serve, his effortless backhand, and graceful way Federer played the match. After the third and final match of the day I left the court to cool down a little bit and saw Federer walking out of the stadium. I ran over, shook his hand and congratulated him on his victory. It was really the icing on the cake to a perfect day.

I hope in the future I can return to Melbourne and watch the Australian Open again.

Activity 1

Think about 3 sports or physical activities that you like and write at least 10 words that are related to it.

For example: Tennis Court, net, serve, rally, game, set, match, point, grand slam, backhand, forehand, racket

Activity 2

Speak or write an answer to the same question as I answered above. Think about a different sporting competition.

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