This is a list of the topics for IELTS Speaking part 2. Before your speaking test you should think about how you would answer these questions and speak for 2 minutes. It can be useful to look at old topic lists because they can give you ideas about the types of things you might need to talk about. This list is meant as a guide and is not a guarantee that you will receive one of these questions on your exam.

Hometown/Current City

Someone who has visited your country

A place you prefer to study indoors or outdoors

An important part of your country

A building you like (possibly travel)


A journey

A distant place you would like to visit

A beautiful city

A journey you made using public transport


Something you made by hand for a friend

Something you lost that was important to you

A piece of equipment you had repaired

Your first mobile phone

A valuable gift you received

Something you borrowed from a family member or friend

An item you own that needs replacing

Received money as a gift


A talkative person

A person you never met but heard a lot about

A teenager you know

A young child

A childhood friend

Something interesting your friend has done


A book you recently read

A story you have been told

A film or TV show that made you laugh

A magazine you like to read


A time you planned something that later got changed

A decision you made with someone’s help

A time you complained about something and action was easily taken


An interesting job you would like to do-

A family business that you know


How you learned maths in primary school

A skill that takes a long time to learn

Helped someone in their studies


The last time you went shopping in a market

A special item of clothing you wore for an occasion


A recent happy moment

A happy event that you celebrated


A useful website

Social Issues

A good law

Someone actively involved in environmental problems


Your favourite animal

A national flower or plant


A sport you played in your childhood

A game you used to play at school

A competition you would like you would like to participate in the future.


A foreign language you would like to learn (not English)


A time you helped someone

Describe an important decision you made

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