This is a list of January to April 2019 speaking topics. You should be able to speak for 2 minutes about 
each of them. You should think about what you would talk about for each question and create a list
of vocabulary and ideas. More topics and questions will be added soon. Any questions please let
me know. :)



Describe a street market you have been to

Describe a quiet place

Describe a public place which has opened recently in your country

Describe a beautiful city

Describe a remote place you would like to visit in the future

Describe a recent development in your city

Describe an interesting part of your country



Describe something that you have received that you had wanted for a long time

Describe a time when you received money as a gift

Describe something you bought but haven’t used

Describe a situation you found an item and what you did with it

Describe a time you needed to repair a broken device

Describe a time you gave money as a gift



Describe a teenager you know

Describe a person you would like to meet

Describe a person who you have met and thought is beautiful or handsome

Describe someone you want to be similar to

Describe an intelligent person

Describe someone to study or work with

Describe an interesting old person

Describe a friend’s success



Describe an interesting lecture that you attended

Describe a time when you taught someone younger

Describe a subject that you now like

Describe a language other than English that you would like to learn


Historical Events

Describe a special event in your country’s history



Describe a comedy show or movie that you saw on TV

Describe a book you recently read

Describe a radio programme that you find interesting



Describe a special dish


Describe a sport that you have seen on TV and would like to try

Describe a way to keep healthy


Describe an important plant


Describe a website you use frequently

Describe a time when you searched for information on the internet


Describe your ideal home

Crime and Punishment

Describe a new law


Describe your grandparent’s job


Describe a time when you didn’t tell the whole truth

Describe some good news that you received

Describe something that you want to do

Describe a day that didn’t cost you anything

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