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Here are the most recent part 2 topics for speaking. Remember that you should aim to talk about these for 2 minutes after only 1 minute of preparation. It makes sense to practice these questions in advance, but you shouldn’t memorise answers. The best strategy is to think of key vocabulary, collocations and idioms that you would need and to try out a couple of different ideas for each part 2 topic. If you would like to practice with these with a professional teacher, just head over to my booking page that you can find on the top menu. 

Please let me know if you find any of these topics difficult to talk about, I can definitely provide some model answers or vocabulary lists.


Describe a souvenir

Describe a public building you would like to visit

Describe a time you looked at the sky (day or night) 

Describe an unusual or unique holiday

Describe a place to read and write (not your home) 

Describe a visit to a park

Describe a historical building 

Describe a place that you remember well that is full of colours

Describe a time a vehicle you took broke down in your travel

Describe a person who often travels by plane



Describe a time when you celebrated an achievement

Describe a time you had to wake up early

Describe a happy day you would like to have 

Describe a special day that you remember well

Describe a time when you lost something

Describe a colourful event

Describe a time when you enjoyed a free day off work or school

Describe a time that you went out with your friends and had a good time

Describe a situation when you didn’t have enough time

Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person

Describe a time you were sleepy but had to stay awake


Friends and Family


Describe a time you met someone for the first time

Describe a friend you are proud of 

Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goals

Describe someone who spends their free time helping others

Describe a time you had to hide the truth from a friend 

Describe a person you have seen who is beautiful or handsome

Describe an old person who is interesting 

Describe a time a child made you laugh

Describe a person who has interesting ideas or opinions



Describe something you borrowed from someone OR something useful you borrowed

Describe a photograph in your home

Describe a famous product from your local region

Describe an item you bought but do not use often

Describe your ideal house

Describe a prize you want to win

Describe a gift that took you a lot of time to prepare




Describe a recent conversation you enjoyed

Describe a time you were with people and bored

Describe when you gave advice to someone

Describe a time you were given the wrong information

Describe a time when you heard a stranger talking on the phone



Describe a person you know who has new, creative ideas or opinions.

Describe someone who travels by plane for work

Describe your grandparent’s job

Describe someone you would like to study or work with 

Describe a person who is good at their job

Describe something you do to help you study or work



Describe a movie you recently saw

Describe a movie your friend would like

Describe a game show or quiz program

Describe a time you looked for information/solved a problem through the Internet

Describe a piece of good news you heard (from TV or the Internet)



Describe an indoor activity or game

Describe a leisure activity you do with your family

Describe a sport that you like to do

Describe an outdoor sport that you played for the first time

Describe a water sport you would like to try in the future



Describe a school you went to as a child

Describe a place you used to play when you were a child 

Describe a person you wanted to be similar to when you were growing up

Describe a subject you used to dislike but now have an interest in

Describe a toy you liked in your childhood



Describe your favourite item of clothing 

Describe your favourite place for shopping

Describe a time you received horrible service 

Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing



Describe a memorable advertisement 

Describe a recent advertisement that you watched



Describe a time when you received an invitation to dinner

Describe a time you invited your family or friends to dinner



Describe your favourite singer or band




Describe a time you learned a new language




Describe a famous foreign celebrity you want to meet in person

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