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I was looking through my website today and realised that I hadn’t posted the IELTS part 2 speaking topics for Jan-April 2020 (sorry for that). Even though it is likely that some of these topics will change in May, it could be a little more difficult than normal to find out the new questions with the test centres in many countries being closed. Therefore, I’d advise using this list to prepare for common topic areas rather than specific questions. For example, focus on travel as a topic and try to master speaking about the different places that you have been to/would like to go to in your life. If you work through this list systematically, you will be well prepared for any question that comes your way in part 2. 

I promise to have the new part 2 questions on my website as soon as possible in May 🙂 


A new public facility in your hometown that you would like to visit

Describe a journey made by public transport 

Describe a time you were travelling but were delayed

Describe a park or garden 

Describe a time you saw a beautiful sky

Describe a crowded place you visited 


Describe a time when you set a goal

Describe a time when something good happened to you

Describe a celebration you had as a result of an achievement

Describe an event you attended that was full of colour

Describe a challenge you recently faced 

Describe a time you felt bored 

Describe a time you were not allowed to use your mobile

Describe a time the weather made you change your plans

Describe a special day 

Friends and Family

Describe a time you met someone for the first time 

Describe a member of your family you spend a lot of time with

Describe a time you helped a friend

Describe a time you had to apologise to someone

Describe a time someone had to apologise to you

Describe someone you know who travels often by plane


Describe a photograph you have in your home 

Describe something you lost and then found

Describe a product from your hometown

Describe something useful you borrowed from another person


Describe a time you didn’t tell the truth 

Describe an interesting conversation you had

Describe an important message you recently received 


Describe a job you don’t want to do in the future

Describe someone who is good at their job

Describe a boring meeting you had with other people


Describe work or sport you have done in a team

Describe a magazine article or online article about healthy living

Describe a leisure activity you do with your family


Describe a person you would like to meet 

Describe a famous person recently in the news who you would like to meet


Describe an animal you like

Describe the first time you saw an interesting bird


Describe an item of clothing that you like wearing 

Describe a time that you wore a uniform for work or school


Describe a recent performance you watched

Describe a singer or band you like


Describe the national food of your country


Describe someone who taught you something


Describe a small business

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