Hello again, 
Firstly, I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. This is a crazy time and everyone has been affected in different ways. I teach students from all around the world and I have to say that there is genuine hope from China that this situation won’t last forever. 

Anyway, I’ve prepared an IELTS speaking test with some new questions that have been reported by my students this month. Do you think it is challenging? Which topic on this exam would you like a vocabulary list for next? 


Part 1 

Topic: Current City  (3 of these questions)

Where do you currently live? 

What do you like about the city? 

What would you change about your city? 

Topic: Water Sports (3 of these questions) 

Do you like water sports?

Did you like to spend time in water when you were a child?

Do you prefer to spend holidays by a lake or by the sea?

Topic: Alone Time

Do you like spending time by yourself?

What do you do when you are alone?

When was the last time that you spent time by yourself? 

Would you like to spend more time on your own?


Part 2:

Describe a time that the weather changed your plans

You should say:

When did this happen?

Where were you? 

What kind of weather was it? 

and explain what you did instead. 


Part 3: Weather

  Does the weather affect your mood? 

  Which activities are popular in your country in different seasons?  

How does the weather influence different jobs?         

Climate Change

    Do you think people should be more worried about climate change than they are? 

                Is the government doing anything about climate change in your country?

          Do you think it is the responsibility of the government or individuals to reduce climate change? 

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