Here is a recent speaking exam reported by one of my students. If you would like to practice this exam with an IELTS teacher, please feel feel to use the booking page above or to contact me for more information. 🙂 

Part 1

Topic:  (3 of these questions)

Where do you live?

How long have you lived there for?

What is there for there for a tourist to do or see in your town/city

Topic: Colour (3 of these questions)

What is your favourite colour? Why?

Did you wear bright colours in your childhood?

Which colour would you choose for your walls? Why?

Topic:Morning Routine

      What is your morning routine?

       What do you normally eat for breakfast?

     What would you change about your morning routine?


Part 2:

Describe an interesting lecture that you heard or watched recently

You should say:

When did you watch it?

What was the lecture about?

Why did you attend this lecture?

and explain whether you enjoyed it


Part 3: Speaking

What qualities are needed to be a good public speaker?

Why do many people dislike public speaking?

How could people feel more comfortable when speaking in public?


Which is more important out of speaking and listening skills?

It is said that listening skills are declining. Do you agree with this?

               Is it the responsibility of teachers or parents to improve the

listening skills of children?

Lifelong Learning

What are the advantages and disadvantages of free lectures?

Is it important to have interests outside of your job?

               Some people believe that your learning ability declines with time. Do you agree with this?


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1 year ago

The full tests you provide are excellent practice for our students. Please post more of these full tests, in the Middle East (Iran) we have so many challenges finding info for our students. Really appreciate your site, especially the full practice tests.

2 years ago

Cheers Matt!
I just found your site and I wll be telling my students about it. Love the layout of the oral exams.

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