I have made another IELTS vocabulary list to help you talk about food. It looks like food is going to one of the main topics for 2020 and it can be surprising for many intermediate and advanced students how difficult it can be to have enough vocabulary and collocations for food related IELTS topics. 
Don’t forget to check out food vocabulary part 1 if you haven’t already.
IELTS Food Vocabulary and Collocation List

IELTS Breakfast Vocabulary

IELTS Lunch Vocabulary

IELTS Dinner Vocabulary and Collocations

IELTS Vocabulary Exercises

Answer the following questions using the vocabulary from above

1) What is a typical breakfast in your country? 
2) What do people eat for breakfast on special occasions? 
3) What is the difference between lunch on weekdays and at the weekend? 
4) When was the last time you had a slap-up dinner? 

 Comment below with your answers and I’ll check them for you 🙂

IELTS Vocabulary Builder


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3 years ago

Thank you IELTS Matt! You are the best!

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