This is part 1 of my IELTS food vocabulary and collocations list which is designed to help improve your speaking and writing ability for this topic. The collocations have been separated into different categories for adjectives, verb +food, food+verb and food+noun. Each bullet point contains words with similar meanings, but always check with a teacher or in the dictionary when using new collocations for the exact meaning. 

I’ve already made another IELTS vocabulary list for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I’ll upload that in the next few days. There are some exercises and real IELTS questions to help you practice the vocabulary in context. Please feel free to answer them in the comments and I’ll check your answers.

Exercise 1-
1) How would you describe the best meal that you have eaten in the last month? 
2) Which synonyms can you find healthy food? 
3) Which types of food should you limit if you want to be healthy? 

Exercise 2

1) Which 2 collocations could you use instead of ‘have food’? 
2) Which 3 synonyms can you find for ‘make food’? 
3) Which verbs could you use for people eating too quickly? 

Exercise 3

1) Use 5 words in the food+noun section in a sentence. 
Animals becoming extinct will affect the food chain.
2) What are the names of the different places that food can be bought from? 

IELTS Writing Questions about Food

1) Some people think that the government should put a tax on unhealthy food to encourage people to eat more healthily. Do you agree or disagree?

2) Some people believe that children should learn how to grow food and cook food at school. What is your opinion about this?

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