Air qualityThe cleanliness of the air that we breathe
Smoga form of air pollution that is or looks like a mixture of smoke and fog, especially in cities
Exhaust fumessmoke, gas, or something similar that smells strongly or is dangerous to breathe in
Emit Carbon dioxideRelease CO2
Greenhouse gasesany of the gases that are thought to cause the greenhouse effect, especially carbon dioxide
Burning Fossil Fuelsfuel such as coal or oil, that was formed over millions of years from the remains of animals or plants
Earth’s ozone layera layer of ozone high above the earth’s surface that helps to protect the earth from harmful radiation from the sun
Sulphur dioxidea poisonous gas with a strong smell, that is used in industry and causes air pollution
Environmentally friendly methods of transportationModes of transport which emit less greenhouse gases
Global warmingthe increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, that is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide
Carbon footprint a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by the daily activities of a person or company
Combat climate changeFight against global warming
Curb global warming Reduce global warming
Higher taxes on gasolineIncrease the price of petrol
Global health emergencyA worldwide health problem
Breached the legal limit for air pollutionExceeded the agreed level of pollution in the air
Ticking time bomb of public
health problems
A health issue that will explode in the future.
Die prematurely Die earlier than you should
Acid Rain rain that contains harmful chemicals from factory gases and that damages trees, crops and buildings

Why is Air Pollution so Serious?

Solutions to Air Pollution

Personal Solutions

Government Solutions

Exercise 1

Consider another environmental problem which is prevalent in your country. For this environmental issue produce a high level vocabulary list (use phrases or collocations)

Read English articles related to the topic and find natural phrases or collocations.

Exercise 2

Find statistics or research which outlines how this environmental issue affects people or the Earth.




Exercise 3

Write 3 potential solutions to this problem (at least one governmental, one personal solution)

Post your answers to the exercises in the comments section.

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