A recent IELTS speaking exam asked about an interesting lecture that you had attended in part 2 and about public speaking skills in part 3. Public speaking in something many people find difficult and this often extends into the exam. 

Fortunately, the TED talk above has some really useful advice about how to improve your public speaking and I’ll summarise the main points below and then explain how they are relevant to IELTS. 

Main Idea 

Transfer your idea clearly to the listener.  There are four main ways in which this can be achieved.

Four Tips to Give a Great Speech

1) Focus on one main idea. 

2) Give people a reason to care

3) Build your idea from concepts that the listener understands

4) Make your idea worth sharing

How to Apply this Advice to IELTS?
1) Watch the video at 5:04 and Chris explains that you should choose your best idea and explain it fully. You have to give context, examples and make it vivid.
2) Try to be passionate about what you are talking about, avoid concentrating too closely on grammar and speak naturally to the examiner. 
3) Give examples that are relevant, if you are speaking about a celebration, food or custom from your country. Try to link it to something that a British person would understand
4) Try to research common questions and improve your knowledge of topics like globalisation, crime, social issues. IELTS isn’t an ideas based exam, but having something to say about these topics is essential. 

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