Happy New Year! I hope that 2021 is full of happiness and makes your dreams come true. 2020 was certainly a challenging year for most people, but a new year brings new opportunities and is the perfect time to create new habits.

Actually, last night while I was having a stay at home party with my wife, we decided to write 12 resolutions each for 2021 and one of mine was to take a Spanish exam called DELE. I want to understand language exams a little bit more from the test takers point of view and also give myself motivation to improve my Spanish skills to a much higher level. 

Do you have any resolutions for this year? If so, please comment below or send me an email. It’s actually a great idea to share your resolutions with other people and start to create habits in January that you can continue throughout the year.


5 Tips to Help Keep you Improve your IELTS/Language Skills in 2021

1) Commit to practicing on a regular basis. It is much better to practice a certain amount of time per day or per week.
2) Find something that you enjoy doing in your target language. I often watch football matches in Spanish which has really improved my listening skills (they speak really, really quickly).
3) Spend more time producing language (writing or speaking). It’s probably the most difficult part, but that also makes it the most rewarding.
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IELTS Writing Homepage
4) Take classes with a teacher who can help you make a plan to achieve your goals. Even one class per month can help to keep you accountable and will make it more likely that you will achieve your goals.
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5) Focus on enjoying the journey and not too much on the end result. IELTS is generally not a short process, but it can allow you to improve your confidence, think more clearly and open many new doors.

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