Here is a recent speaking exam which was reported by one of my students who took the exam on 7 February 2019. I have added a few potential questions which would be possible based on your responses. Please comment below if you have been to a test recently and remember the questions. 🙂 


Part 1

Topic: Living in New Places (3 of these questions)

Have you ever lived in a new place?

Did you enjoy living there?

Do you enjoy living there?

Would you like to live somewhere new?

What problems did you experience when you moved?

What problems might people experience when they live somewhere new?

Topic:Tea and Coffee (3 of these questions)

Is it common for people to drink tea or coffee in your country?

Do you prefer to drink tea or coffee?

How often do you drink coffee?

How often do you drink tea?

When was the last time you drank a coffee?

Do you offer tea or coffee to someone when they visit you at your home?

Topic: Emails

How often do you write emails?

Do you prefer to receive messages through email or message?

Do people in your country reply to messages immediately? What happens if they don’t?


Part 2:

Describe your ideal home


You should say:

Where it would be

How big it would be

What would be in your home

and explain why you would like this home so much

Part 3: Houses and Homes

Which types of homes are popular in your country?

What are the differences between these types of homes?

How important is it to buy a house in your country?

Living in Cities

What makes difficult for people to live in cities?

How could we change cities to make them easier to live in?

Should the government create green areas in cities?

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