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I’ve added another IELTS speaking exam which was recently reported by one of my students in October 2019. There are some challenging questions here and you should definitely make sure that you try this exam with an IELTS teacher before your real exam. Perhaps, the most difficult questions are related to jeans, to make it a little easier I prepared a vocabulary list which you can find in the IELTS vocabulary section of the website. 
What would you talk about for a leisure activity that you do with your family or friends? 


Part 1 

Topic: Work/Study   (3 of these questions)

Do you work or study? What is your job/do you study?

What do you like about it? 

What are your future plans?

Topic: Languages (3 of these questions) 

Which languages can you speak?

          When did you start learning English? 

Do you think English is easy to learn?

Topic: Jeans

How often do you wear jeans? 

What type of jeans do you like to wear? 

Would you ever wear an expensive pair of jeans?


Part 2:

Describe a leisure activity that you enjoyed with family or friends

You should say:

Which activity was it?

What did you do?

Who were you with?

and explain why you enjoyed it

Part 3:Leisure Time

What is the most popular leisure activity for people in your country? 

                  What activities do young/old people in your country like to do? 

              Do you agree that expensive activities are better than cheaper ones? 


                      How has the way people spend their free time changed over the past two decades?

                      How do you think people will spend their free time in the future?

Do you think people will have more or less free time in the future?

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