Here is a new speaking exam that was reported by one of my students. You should make sure that you practice authentic questions with a professional IELTS teacher and also practice on your own. Can you guess why I chose the image above to represent this exam? 


Part 1 

Topic: Apartment/House (3 of these questions)

Do you live in a flat or a house?

What is your favourite room there? 

What would you change if you could?

Topic: Smiling  (3 of these questions) 

What makes you smile?

                                        When was the last time you smiled?

                                      Why is it important to smile in a photo?

Topic: Family

How often do you visit your family?    

Do you prefer spending time with your friends or family? Why?

Who is your favourite family member/friend? 


Part 2:

Describe some incorrect information that you received

You should say:

Where did you receive it?

What was it about?

How did you learn that it was incorrect?

and explain what you did afterwards


Part 3:Authenticity

Is the information on the Internet generally accurate?

              How do you know if it is reliable?

                            Which other sources of information are better? 


Which jobs require people to give information?

Should we trust these professionals or check their information from other sources? 

Is it important to know a lot of information in the modern world?

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