I have added another full speaking exam for IELTS that has some typical IELTS style questions based on the topics that are popular in August 2020. As it is summer, I’ve decided to upload an exam with part 2 and 3 related to travel and tourism. Unfortunately, many people can’t go travelling this summer, so the question is related to a city that you’ve been to in the past and would like to visit again in the future. Comment below with the city that would choose for this question. I would probably talk about Tokyo because I went there for my honeymoon earlier this year and would have a lot to talk about. 


Part 1 

Topic: House/Apartment  (3 of these questions)

What kind of accommodation did you grow up in? 

What did you like most about that place?

How was it different to the place where you are living now? 

Topic: Fish  (3 of these questions) 

Do you like seafood? Which seafood do you like? 

Where can you see fish? 

Is fishing popular in your country? 

Topic: Celebrities

Who is your favourite celebrity from your country? 

Have you ever met a celebrity face to face?

Do you prefer listening to a music concert on TV or going to a live show? 

Part 2:

Describe a city that you have been to and want to visit again
You should say: 

Where was it?
What did you do there? 

Who you went with?
And explain why you would like to go there again.


IELTS Speaking Vocabulary-Travel

Part 3: Travel 

  How can people benefit from travelling to your country? 

What problems might they experience there? 

Which transportation would be best for exploring your country? Why? 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane?

                        Do you think modern means of transportation cause harm to the environment?

Do you think people could travel to other countries without harming the environment as much? 


Do you agree that it was more comfortable to travel in the past than it is today? 

Do you think countries will be able to preserve their culture with the increase in foreign tourists? 

How do you think that travel will change in the future? 

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