This is a very confusing time for the world and like every other area of life IELTS has been affected by COVID-19. Many IELTS test centres have been closed for a while or may well close soon. While IELTS isn’t the first thing that the general population think about when countries are on lockdown, it can have a big effect on the lives of many people.

How Do I Know if My IELTS Exam Has Been Cancelled?

Firstly, I’d recommend checking the link below which will inform you about the situation in your country. At this time, I’d only recommend taking the test in the country that you are residing right now.

Official Information About IELTS Tests Centres

Another option is to check with your local test centre because they will be able to update you on their latest situation and advise about potential refunds,  date changes or the availability of the next exam. 

Of course, you might receive a reply which states that they don’t know and in all honesty, that would probably be the truth. I’d imagine that the testing centres and very eager to open as soon as possible, but they are going to have to wait until it is safe (and legal) to do so.

Should I Book my IELTS Test if the Centre is Still Open?

This really depends on whether you are ready to take the exam yet.
1) If you think there is a strong possibility that you could receive your desired band score, I’d advise getting yourself into the earliest test possible.
2) If you are unsure whether you could reach the required level, use this time to improve your English and take the opportunity to move your date. 

Should I Continue Studying for IELTS?

The most important part here is that you should do something to maintain or possibly improve your level of English. It is very tempting to take this time to feel sorry for yourself, lie on the sofa and just watch Netflix, but realistically that isn’t going to help the situation. 

I see many students who spend $300 each month taking a test and without giving themselves the necessary time to improve their level. Now would be the ideal time to invest in 10 classes ensuring that by the time you take the test, you feel 100% ready. 

The class doesn’t necessarily need to be related to IELTS. Why not improve your fluency, by speaking about a range of topics in a Conversational English class? How about writing summaries of interesting TED talks or articles? Maybe, you could learn to actually write well, without needing to follow a rigid structure. Whatever you do, I’d strongly advise not wasting this time, because the virus will not last ever and normal life will return.

How Can I Continue Studying?

There are an incredible number of resources available online to help you learn English at whatever budget you have available. 
This website has
1) Free questions, model answers and vocabulary lists.
2) During the next month I’m going to add 3 or 4 free blog posts per week including IELTS speaking, writing and vocabulary tips. 
3) I’m going to look into teaching an online group class each week which will much cheaper than my private classes. 
4) I will start offering cheaper conversational English classes (IELTS focused) with a bilingual teacher to ensure students can have enough practice regardless of their budget. 
5) I’m continuing with my IELTS classes and writing correction service as normal. 

Please let me know via my contact form or Whatsapp if you would be interested in either group classes or cheaper conversational English lessons. I would happy to provide you with more details. 


Final Thoughts

There is so much that is out of our control at the moment and the only real solution is to control the things that we are able to. I was due to move to Spain yesterday and for obvious reasons this wasn’t possible and may not be possible for a couple of months or more. My life is also in a state of uncertainty and I figured the best way to carry on was to try and help in my own little way and do something useful. Please ensure that you stay safe and follow the government’s regulations in your own country. Stay positive and if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message. I always reply to every message that I receive. 🙂 

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