New Features on IELTS Matt


I haven’t been in contact for a while, but I’ve been busy helping plenty of students reach their dream IELTS score and also doing some work in the background to improve my website. However, I’ve had a little free time today and I just wanted to update you on some of the new features that […]

I’m Back to Work Again and Ready for New Students

Hello again! It’s been a long time since my last email and a lot has changed since then. For those who are interested, I’ll give you a quick update on my life and will then tell you about the plans for my IELTS website and my return to teaching.  What Have I Been Doing for […]

IELTS Vocabulary List-Colourful Event

One of the most difficult part 2 questions for IELTS for Sept-Dec 2019 is to describe a colourful event. The most common problem that my students have struggled from is a lack of synonyms or collocations to talk about colour or the colourful event. This list will help you to expand your IELTS colour vocabulary, […]

Where are my students from?

Many people presume that because I live in Colombia, I mainly teach Colombian students. I decided to make this map to demonstrate the variety of countries that my students come from and also to create an IELTS assignment which you’ll find at the end.¬† In general, I really feel privileged to have taught such a […]

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic List Jan-April 2019

¬†This is a list of January to April 2019 speaking topics. You should be able to speak for 2 minutes about each of them. You should think about what you would talk about for each question and create a listof vocabulary and ideas. More topics and questions will be added soon. Any questions please let […]

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic List Sept-Dec 2018

This is a list of the topics for IELTS Speaking part 2. Before your speaking test you should think about how you would answer these questions and speak for 2 minutes. It can be useful to look at old topic lists because they can give you ideas about the types of things you might need […]