Coronavirus (Covid-19 and IELTS)

This is a very confusing time for the world and like every other area of life IELTS has been affected by COVID-19. Many IELTS test centres have been closed for a while or may well close soon. While IELTS isn’t the first thing that the general population think about when countries are on lockdown, it […]

New IELTS Part 1 Speaking Topics January-August 2020

IELTS speaking part 1 is generally considered to be the easiest part of the speaking exam, but many students fail to prepare properly for it. Every 4 months, new IELTS topics are released and each time they manage to add a few weird or strange topics. It is always better to prepare vocabulary and ideas […]

IELTS Full Speaking Test March 2020

Here is an IELTS speaking test from March 2020 that was reported by one of my students. There are topics related to cakes, pens/pencils and the future of work.

IELTS Vocabulary Builder-Idioms for IELTS Speaking

This vocabulary list will help you to prepare for IELTS speaking and can push your lexical resource score about 7. There are thousands of idioms in English, but these ones are relatively easy to use. Follow IELTS Matt on Instagram to learn more idioms.

IELTS Full Speaking Test November 2019

IELTS Boring Speaking Test

Here is another speaking exam for you to practice and this month it is about a time when you were with other people and felt bored. Initially, this doesn’t seem like a very easy question, but I’d advise for you to talk about something that is very familiar to you. The most obvious option might […]

Full IELTS Speaking Exam October 2019

Hello again, I’ve added another IELTS speaking exam which was recently reported by one of my students in October 2019. There are some challenging questions here and you should definitely make sure that you try this exam with an IELTS teacher before your real exam. Perhaps, the most difficult questions are related to jeans, to make […]