IELTS Speaking Test June 2021

IELTS Speaking Test 2021

Hello again,  I’ve been really busy teaching classes in 2021 and haven’t had time to update my website, but it’s been a really successful year so far with lots of students achieving their IELTS dreams. I’m planning to include some success stories in the next few months while things are a little quieter over summer. […]

Full IELTS Speaking Test-June 2020-Part 1, 2 and 3 Food

Hi,  I have added another IELTS speaking exam which one of my current students took last weekend. Of course you could receive totally different questions on your exam, but these questions are all in the question list for May-December 2020, so they are perfect to practice on your own, with your teacher or with me.  […]

New IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics-May-December 2020

Hi,  IELTS speaking topics have finally been updated for part 2 and many of these topics will be in use until December 2020.  This list should help you to prepare, but try not to focus on memorising answers. A better strategy would be: 1) Think about an idea for each of the prompts (this could […]

Full IELTS Speaking Test-May 2020

Hello again,  It has been a little difficult to find real IELTS speaking tests in May 2020, but luckily two of my students from Taiwan took the exam last weekend and they were both asked very similar questions. I’m planning to add some updated speaking questions in the next week, so if you have been […]

IELTS Part 2 Speaking Topic List Jan-April 2020

Hello again,I was looking through my website today and realised that I hadn’t posted the IELTS part 2 speaking topics for Jan-April 2020 (sorry for that). Even though it is likely that some of these topics will change in May, it could be a little more difficult than normal to find out the new questions […]

IELTS Full Speaking Test-April 2020-Weather

Hello again, Firstly, I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. This is a crazy time and everyone has been affected in different ways. I teach students from all around the world and I have to say that there is genuine hope from China that this situation won’t last forever.  Anyway, I’ve prepared […]

IELTS Full Speaking Test March 2020

Here is an IELTS speaking test from March 2020 that was reported by one of my students. There are topics related to cakes, pens/pencils and the future of work.