I decided to do something a little different today and recommend some Netflix shows that can help with your performance in IELTS or that you could talk about in a conversational English class with your teacher. I’ll try and explain why I think they are a good choice for IELTS students and give you something guilt-free to do for the weekend. Comment below or send me a message with your recommendations 🙂 

Tiger King

This is the most popular series on Netflix right now and with good reason. It  is an almost unbelievable true story about the big cat industry in America. 

Why is it Useful for IELTS? 
Animal rights is one of the most popular topics that is asked about in speaking and writing and this show will provide you with some ideas and examples about why animals should be protected. The accents in the show are also challenging, so it will provide some challenging listening practice.

Black Mirror

An amazing British anthology which speculates about the future in a satirical and scarily realistic way. 
Why is it Useful for IELTS? 

It examines many current social issues and displays what could potentially happen if we continue to progress in the same way that we are. It is particularly useful for speaking questions about the future and will broaden the way you think about the world.

Dirty Money

There are 2 seasons with 6 hour long documentaries in each season. Each episode looks at a different issue, but the main focus is companies trying to cheat to make extra money.

Why is it Useful for IELTS?

Business and finance is a really popular topic and many of my students have told me how difficult they find it to write or speak about it. After watching 12 hours of documentaries, you’ll feel more confident about this topic and you could have some amazing vocabulary too. 


A modern update on classic British detective stories following Sherlock and his partner solving crimes. 

Why is it Useful for IELTS?

This show features some authentic British accents and the main character occasionally speaks very quickly when he is thinking through his ideas. It’s great for listening practice, but you can also learn some natural British phrases that would be handy for IELTS Speaking.

Dark Tourist

A journalist visits the places that most people would typically avoid. Most of these places are associated with death and disasters and wouldn’t typically appear on your bucket list. 

Why is it Useful for IELTS? 

Travel is probably the most popular topic and is something that many students choose to talk about when given a choice of topic. It’s a great chance to see a different side of tourism and maybe learn some travel vocabulary at the same time. 

Master of None 

This comedy series follows Dev and is loosely based on the real life dating life of the comic Aziz Ansari. 

Why is it Useful for IELTS? 

I could have easily chosen Friends, but everyone already knows about it and in my opinion Master of None is much funnier. Situational comedies are amazing for learning real English how to speak more naturally.

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Laura Wright
Laura Wright
3 years ago

I love this! I help students prepare for the IELTS Exam and this will be some fun information to give them. Thank you so much for all your hard work and creative ideas.

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