I have to apologise about my lack of posts recently and as you can see from the photo above, there was a very good reason for my lack of activity. Firstly, I got married to my beautiful wife last Friday, it was a really special day, but it required a lot of preparation to make sure everything ran smoothly. We decided on an outdoor destination wedding in the coffee region of Colombia and luckily the weather just about allowed us to tie the knot. If you’d like to see some more photos, I’ve put a few more on IELTS Matt on Instagram.

Even though, I’d love to have my honeymoon now, I’ll have to wait until December, so I’m back to work again from Monday. 


I have some ideas about future blog posts, however I’d really appreciate if my subscribers could tell me exactly what they need information about. There are so many IELTS websites and I’d love for mine to have great interaction with the people reading it. 

I’m happy to listen to any ideas and you can suggest topics (sport, travel, coffee) etc or certain aspects of the exam that you are struggling with (IELTS part 3 speaking, graphs, diagrams) etc 

Please comment below or send me a direct message on Instagram to put forward your ideas. I should have way more time now to update my website and you can look forward to more frequent articles for the next few months. 

Enjoy your weekend 🙂 

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